Schedule for The Big Indie Fest @ReVersed 2018

The Big Indie Fest @ReVersed 2018 is a four-day extravaganza dedicated to showcasing some of Europe’s finest indie development talent. Expect mighty networking, pitching competitions, a massive game showcase area the trade expo, and a packed conference schedule of leading industry speakers and four seminar tracks on Day 2 covering everything from fundamental insight into indie development to business boosting case studies to indie studio survival tips to successful international development strategies. And after two days of industry, days 3 and 4 open their doors to the public, enabling developers to connect directly with their audience!


  DAY 0 - July 4, 2018


ReVersed Game Jam Registration & Greetings

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ReVersed Game Jam - sponsored by Bongfish
Vlambeer's Rami Ismail theme announcement & Game Jam start.

  DAY 1 - July 5, 2018


The Big Indie Pitch starts
Our world-famous competition series comes to Vienna.


The Big Indie Fest opens!
The celebration of some of Europe's finest independent developers kicks off.


Meetings & Networking opens
BIF delegates get to connect via our free & unlimited meeting system.


The Big Indie Pitch ends
The pitching over, it's time for the judges to confer to decide on the winners (announced on Day 2).

18:00End of Day 1

 DAY 2 - July 6, 2018

09:00The Big Indie Fest Developer Showcase opens One vast room + many developers = many games – come check out the talent on show.

Meetings & Networking opens
BIF delegates get to connect via our free & unlimited meeting system.



KEYNOTE: What Does It Mean To Be Indie In 2018?
A big question to start the day deserves a big answer, and who better than tried and respected developer Rami Ismail to kick things off.

Rami Ismail, Vlambeer


SESSION: Why Vienna/Austria Is A Place For Games
Did you know that Austrian game development started with a 1991 studio that created a very successful international brand and franchise in the early '90s that still celebrates very successful new developed releases today? Join Martin Filipp on a time travel tour as he explains the achievements of the vibrating scene Austria has today.

Martin Filipp, Pioneers


SESSION: How Indie Devs Can Use Broadcast As A Powerful Marketing & UA Tool
Learn how indie devs can use broadcasts to livestream audiences as a powerful marketing and UA tool.

Katleen Evers, 4EversGames




SESSION: Pixel Art, Game Design & Computer Games as a form of Art
Nino Werner will share his experience of creating 2D pixel fighting game BundesFighter 2 Turbo in just four months. Not only will he detail the creative process, the failures and overall successes, but he’ll also explain the game’s financing via the state organised GEZ, with ARD and ZDF.

Nino Werner, CLRCRS


SESSION: Indie Game Localisation
For indie devs looking to maximise revenue for their titles with an international audience, Applanga’s Steffen Römer will cover the benefits of professional translation and localisation. He’ll report the kind of budget a studio might need, as well as the importance of tailoring an app store entry for unique territories.

Steffen Römer, Applanga


SESSION: I Want To Play Female! The Role Of Identity In Games
In a fascinating presentation on the role of identity in games, Benjamin Wahl will consider social media, streaming and the ways that players represent themselves digitally. Taking in character creation, freedom of gender and appearance in titles such as Rust, Stardew Valley, and Job Simulator, Wahl will explore how player identity can change a game and what happens if developers take that decision away.

Benjamin Wahl, Skodone





SESSION: Taking Names & Shipping Games
There’s no point developing a game if you’re not going to ship it, so Des Gayle, founder and Producer at Altered Gene, will examine the steps that any studio needs to follow to ensure that the end result is the release of a game.

Des Gayle, Altered Gene


SESSION: How The Business Model Of Your Game Affects Your Future In The Industry
We all want to create great games and get as many players as possible excited about them. We start with an idea, and do everything we can to make our vision come true. We might even think about distribution and marketing in the end. But the business model of a game is just as important. Benjamin Zuckerer from CipSoft, one of Germany's longest running independent developers, tells you about how it affects your entire team and everything you set to achieve in the games industry.

Ben Zuckerer, CipSoft


KEYNOTE: Social Media And Influencer Marketing On A Budget
In our close-of-morning keynote we're delighted to host Rockfish Games CEO Michael Schade who will share his best marketing stunts on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch and Imgur, which helped to make the studio’s debut title Everspace a surprise indie hit on Steam, Xbox and PS4, with over 500,000 copies sold – and still selling strongly.

Michael Schade, Rockfish Games


FIRESIDE CHAT: Getting A Job In The Games Industry
In her seminar for students - or anyone just starting out in games development - Dutch Game Garden’s Eline Muijres will offer advice on how to get a job in the games industry. She’ll highlight the do's and don'ts when applying for jobs and setting up a portfolio.

Eline Muijres, Dutch Game Garden


PANEL: Truly International Game Development – What Are The Hurdles?
Rounding out the Practical Pursuits track is a panel session looking at the challenges of truly international game development. Led by Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail, he’ll be joined by Georg Hobmeier of Causa Creations; Mehdi Benkirane from FLIP Entertainment; and Alexey Izvalov from Enhance.

Rami Ismail, Vlambeer (moderator)
Georg Hobmeier, Causa Creations
Abdullah Karam, Causa Creations
Mehdi Benkirane, FLIP Entertainment
Alexey Izvalov, Enhance



SESSION: The Lion's Song Postmortem
Bringing the four-episode The Lion’s Song to PC, iOS and Android in 2018 was an intense journey for Mi'pu'mi Games. Gregor Eigner and Stefan Srb will reveal how they kept the team motivated over long periods of time. Join them as they give an honest insight into the development cycle of an episodic project, highlighting successes, and surprises both positive and negative.

Gregor Eigner, Mi'pu'mi Games
Stefan Srb, Mi'pu'mi Games


SESSION: The Challenges Of Creating Serious Games
Pigmentum Game Studio’s Aleksandra Jerosz will address the challenges of creating serious games such as Indygo. She’ll reveal how the process of developing a game to fight against stigmatisation of mentally ill people presents a completely different challenge to creating games purely for entertainment.

Aleksandra Jarosz, Pigmentum Game Studio


SESSION: Build Better Boxes: How Casino Slot Design Best Practices Could Lead To Better Loot Box Design
Tackling one of today’s hottest topics head-on, Klaus Hufnagl-Abraham of IGT Austria examines how casino slot design best practices could lead to better loot box design. He’ll reveal findings based on actual casino games that shed light on the game mechanics that players actively enjoy, tolerate or reject. You’ll also leave with a better understanding of how to implement loot boxes with a higher moral code.

Klaus Hufnagl-Abraham, IGT Austria


PANEL: Culture vs Business
Is it more important to create video games as art, or to put food on the table? This panel – as with the rest of the track – will discuss the ways to balance artistic endeavours with the realities of running a business.

Catharina Bøhler, Sarepta Studio
Linsey Raymaekers, Honig Studios
Caroline Flesch, Freelance Producer
Chris Cataldi, Genvid Technologies

18:00Round Up

The Big Indie Pitch Winners Announcement
The top 3 teams receive their prizes.


ReVersed Game Jam
Game showcase


Big Indie Fest Reception!
Wind down after a hard day's conferencing with our fun industry get-together.

 DAY 3 - July 7, 2018


The Big Indie Fest Developer Showcase - OPEN TO PUBLIC ACCESS
Day 3 and 4 sees the showcase area accessible to the players, giving developers a unique chance to connect directly with their public.

18:00End of Day 3

 DAY 4 - July 8, 2018


The Big Indie Fest Developer Showcase - OPEN TO PUBLIC ACCESS
Day 3 and 4 sees the showcase area accessible to the players, giving developers a unique chance to connect directly with their public.


The ReVersed Awards Winners Announcement
The best games of the showcase across five categories get the recognition they deserve.

18:00End of Day 4




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